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Eating your feelings, the right way!

On this week’s episode of The Divorce and Separation podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr Delia McCabe, Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Speaker and Author. Delia shifted her focus from conventional talking therapy after completing her Masters in Psychology. She discovered … Read More

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Why should you add Mindfulness to your separation Toolkit?

Over a lifetime, people come and they go, some stay for a short time and some a long time or a lifetime and, if we are lucky enough, we meet people who have a life-changing impact on our lives. Let … Read More

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When did ghosting become a divorce tactic?

It’s highly likely, that if you have a smartphone, live in the 21st century, and are a human aged between 20-60 years old, you would have heard the term: ghosting.  This modern-day dating colloquialism isn’t a new thing. In fact, … Read More

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The gentle ways to co-parent amidst your separation

“When you harshly criticize your spouse, or ex-spouse in front of your children, you are attacking their DNA.” Gary Neuman Let’s talk the ‘gentle ways to co-parent in the midst of your separation’.  A marriage or partnership coming to a … Read More

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You ended the relationship, and you’re grieving too

With every new year comes a pile of new questions:  Should I keep slogging away at a job I don’t love? Will my relationship bring me joy again?, and maybe,  Is it time for me to talk away from the … Read More

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January might be a bumpy month, and that’s okay

January might be a bumpy month, and that’s okay I know for many, January can be a tough month. Not only does January have the ‘bluest day’ on record (the third Monday in the month), it has unofficially been dubbed … Read More

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Should I stay or go: What children of divorce want you to know.

I’ve lost count of the times that my clients have said, “We should have separated years ago but I stayed for the kids” — only to find themselves eventually separating later. The other common question I am asked is, “Will … Read More

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Understanding what a Property Settlement is?

What is a property settlement? A property settlement is the process of dividing the property pool and financial affairs between you and your ex after separation.  A property pool is the total value of the marriage assets, liabilities and financial … Read More

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How to ease the grief of a breakup

What you’re feeling is grief — and how to overcome it Sadness, yearning, anger, guilt, forgetfulness, insomnia and even physical symptoms such as headaches, weakness in your muscles and a tightness in your chest — these are all known symptoms … Read More

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