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THE END OF A RELATIONSHIP ISN’T A FAILURE. I believe that, with the right support, you can embrace this ending and use it as an opportunity to discover your personal power. 
It’s time to separate in your own way…

If you need clear and practical advice to untangle your relationship and navigate a breakup in a way that doesn’t break you, you have arrived at the right place. We’re so glad you found us.
Let us help you create a healthy divorce — and look forward to the future.


Married, de facto, together-but-living-apart, biological parents, adopters, child-free or part of a blended family — the way we form relationships and build family units is more diverse than ever. So, when a relationship ends, we need to approach it with individuality … and an extra dose of compassion,

We work with clients in a flexible and goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people going through relationship breakdowns to help them make the best possible decisions for their future.

We provide the practical and emotional support you need to:

  • identify your needs and goals.
  • reduce your stress and maintain your sanity;
  • become more self-aware;
  • shift perspectives;
  • learn the tools to manage the conflict;
  • improve communication;
  • manage your life admin;
  • save you $1000’s in legal fees;
  • make the best decisions for yourself and your family moving forward. 


Whether you choose to DIY your divorce or hire a lawyer, we will prep you,

support you and walk you through every step.

Now is your chance to rise-up!

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I had many meetings with Nikki in regards to my son's separation from his tumultuous marriage and our fears for our grandchildren. Nikki was always helpful and caring and helped us weather our way through a very hard time to sit and watch our son and grandchildren fall apart in front of your eyes is traumatic to say the least. Nikki’s help kept me sane through the whole ordeal.
Coaching Client
Nikki Parkinson is one of my most favourite women. I first met her when I presented at her creative workshop series in Byron Bay. She’s warm and friendly, super professional and she is surrounded by an inspired, creative community. I can highly recommend Nikki at both a business and at a personal level, you won’t find a more genuine and generous being than Nikki.
Kate James
Total Balance
"Nikki has been instrumental in helping me move forward in my separation and divorce. Knowing that Nikki was there as my support person when I didn't understand the legal system helped ease my fears of going to Court. She was caring, empathetic but helped me hear what I wasn't always listening too. I cannot recommend Nikki's services enough"
Dad of 3
Coaching Client

Meet our Founder

Hello, I’m Nikki Parkinson.

Separation strategist, family law expert, mother of three, divorcee. Once upon a time, I spent my 9-5 working in the corporate world of family law, ticking boxes and filing court orders. Then my marriage ended and I found myself standing in the shoes of my clients — anxious, alone and lost, despite all my experience.

Standing in a court room is only a tiny part of the process.

We need a holistic approach to divorce and separation.

Today, I specialise in separation strategies for men and women navigating their way through a breakup. With 25 years of knowledge of the family law system, I offer a range of services to meet your needs and budget (because, I know a split can be expensive too).

Whether you choose to work with me one-on-one, download my divorce kit or sign up to one of my programs, I want to empower you with insider knowledge, ease your uncertainty and give you permission to feel your full emotions.

I’ve experienced the difficulties of separation, both my own and my clients. I will guide you through this transitional time with practical, tangible strategies and empathy.

Working with me will bring you clarity, save you time and thousands in legal fees. I help you to move forward with confidence. 

"I first met Nikki about 20 years ago while she was working with a family law specialist in a busy practice based in Lismore and we have worked with each other (often opposite each other in matters) ever since. I have come to know Nikki very well in both professional and personal context. I can, without reservation, vouch for her depth of knowledge and understanding about the various issues surrounding relationship and marital separation. Nikki's skill set extends well beyond the legal aspects of separation. She has an understanding of the impact of separation from an emotional, psychological, financial and personal perspective. Throw into the mix Nikki's amazing and enviable organisational skills, and what you end up with is a complete and comprehensive package which represents a holistic approach to solving the problems which arise from family separation.."
Stephen Tester
Family Law Specialist

We understand that there is no one size fits all separation, that’s why we don’t provide you with a cookie cutter solution. We pride ourselves on flexibility and inclusivity. We offer you – 

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