The Divorce and Separation Hub is here to offer you a friendly and safe service to help guide and support you every step of the way through your separation, both emotionally and practically. You no longer have to face this journey alone.

Relationships are complex, so it goes without saying that, when they end, they can become even more complicated. When you’re going through a separation or divorce  it’s easy to feel like nothing more than a name on a court document. In truth, every person navigating a divorce will have different desires and vulnerabilities. 

“When I worked in family law, I felt frustrated by the one-size-fits-all approach I had to take with my clients. Today, I follow a holistic approach with my one-on-one clients, addressing every aspect of divorce and separation from the logistics to the emotional upheaval and how to take the fears out of your future.” Nikki Parkinson, Australia’s leading Divorce Coach and Strategist.

Whether you just want to talk through your paperwork or go deeper, we work with you in a flexible and goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide your breakup.

In truth, every person will approach divorce differently and have different desires and vulnerabilities — but you don’t have to face them alone. 

What is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach is a professional who provides guidance, support, and practical assistance to individuals going through the process of divorce or separation. They are trained to help clients navigate the emotional, legal, and logistical challenges associated with ending a marriage or long-term relationship.

The role of a divorce coach can vary depending on the specific needs of the client. They may offer emotional support and help clients manage the stress and emotional turmoil that often accompanies divorce. They can provide a safe space for clients to express their feelings, process their emotions, and develop coping strategies.

In addition a Divorce Coach can also help clients develop effective communication skills and strategies for interacting with their former spouse or partner.


Divorce coaching is a process that provides you assistance in untangling your relationship/marriage focusing on your future and becoming the best version of self. It is a transformational process. 

A coach –

  • empowers you; 
  • provides you with clarity;
  • motivates you;
  • guides you and walks the separation pathway with you. Think of you coach like your separation roadmap; 
  • supports you to understand the family law system;
  • works with you to become more self aware to enable better decision making;
A divorce coach does not tell you what to do but assists you and supports you to make clearer decisions.
  • To help you create a plan to move forward to your ideal future.
  • To assist you manage any conflict.
  • To help you become a better communicator with your ex.
  • To help you identify your needs, goals, and values.
  • To help you create parenting arrangements that work for your family.
  • To help you understand the legal process.
  • To help you navigate the legal process.
  • To assist you in choosing the right lawyer for you.
  • To help save you money on your legal fees.
  • To help you organise your life admin.
  • To assist you in the legal forms.
  • To help you save money on legal fees.
  • To help you choose your separation team, including lawyer, accountant, therapist, well being coordinator, realtor.
  • To keep you accountable.
  • To be there for you.

No a divorce coach does not provide you with legal advice. You should always seek legal advice from a lawyer.

It depends. The right divorce coach will help you gain clarity. With clarity of thought you can make better decisions. Better decision and well thought our decisions often save you money.

No. Therapy generally focuses on the past whereas coaching is future focussed. A coach allows you to shift perspectives to make smarter decisions for your future self.

The cost of coaching varies depending on your needs and length of time required and the package that you choose.

No but a divorce team is helpful. A well organised client, who has a clear pathway, is a better client for your lawyer. If you rely on your lawyer to be your coach or your divorce support, you will spend a lot of money on unnecessary legal fees. Let your lawyer be the lawyer and your coach be your support.

This is totally dependant upon your needs. There is no cookie cutter approach and our coaching sessions are tailored to meet you where you are at and to support you. In our experience, we suggest a minimum of 6 sessions.

Coaching is usually for you and your needs. However if you and your ex agree to attend coaching together then we can facilitate joint sessions.

Yes, absolutely. We can help you with getting organised before separation; with scripting the difficult conversation with your ex; preparing you for your lawyer or to obtain legal advice. There are many ways we can help you prior to your separation.

Yes. Divorce is one pillar in the process. We can help you transition into your new and exciting life.

Divorce coaching is unregulated in Australia. Nikki Parkinson will be your divorce coach. She has spent 25 years working in the family law system. She has assisted thousands of men and women through the process of divorce and separation. She is a Parents Under Pressure Therapist, trained in the New Ways for Families program through the High Conflict Institute USA, a Parenting Coordinator. Nikki has also experienced her own high conflict divorce. She brings with her a wealth of both personal practical experience to her coaching practice. 

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