“Eat the damn food Tina”

Napoleon Dynamite

Food may be the furtherest thing from your mind and the thought of eating literally makes your stomach turn. If it had of been left to me I would have happily become a breath-a-tarian and lived happily ever after not looking at a morsel of food again.

It’s common after a separation to go one way or another when it comes to food; Some of you won’t eat, some of you will eat like you’ve never eaten before and some of you will invite our good friend Miss Chardonnay to play daily. Which ever direction you sway, my suggestion is do not make it a forever friend. 

I cannot emphasis the importance of nourishing your body. What you don’t realise in this moment in time is that without fuel in the tank you cannot possibly be the best version of you.

If the thought of cooking feels like a chore rally your family and friends and get them to do a meal roster for you. You can download the cheat sheet HERE. It only takes a small amount of effort to make a little extra food and your tribe will be happy to do it for you.

If you feel like cooking is your jam then I’d suggest these nourishing recipes from very clever friends of mine.

Go to recipes

Be kind to yourself.

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