Sadly marriage and relationship breakdown is on the rise. Statistically in Australia one in three marriages ends in divorce and 47.1% of those marriage breakdowns involve children. These statistics don’t include unmarried couples whose relationships have broken down. It is predicted that by 2041 there will be 1,536,400 single parent families in Australia.

Divorce and marriage breakdown comes with a plethora of other issues, however one question that is undeniably at the forefront of every parents mind when they separate is ‘how am I going to continue to parent my children?’.

Let’s be honest parenting at the best of times is both the most challenging and rewarding thing you will do in a lifetime. Now that you are a single mum or dad how does that look for you and your family? There’s time schedules, expenses, financial implications, communication and if you are involved in the legal system you will need to gather evidence of all of these things and more. You are expected to do all of this and then show up to be the best version of yourself to be the best parent that you can! Yes now’s about when you hit that holy sh*t moment. 

Enter FAYR … FAYR stands for Family Advocacy is Your Responsibility.

Fayr (pronounced fair) is a co-parenting app that will assist you in alleviating that stress and angst from your life. I seriously wish I had know about this when I was in the middle of my separation shit storm!

I had the pleasure of talking to Michael Daniels, the Founder and CEO of FAYR about his app and co-parenting. Michael is a divorced dad who has shared in the experiences that many of the FAYR users may be experiencing. He created FAYR out of a need to be the best parent that he could be for his children. He speaks from personal experience which enables him to connect at a unique level with the app users. Michael is a thought leader in the co-parenting stakes in the United States and making positive steps with his app for parents to have a happier and healthier divorce. He is gracious and humble in his success and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Michael, I hope you enjoy our conversation.

If you think that FAYR is a good fit for you and your family you can sign up HERE using the discount code TDHXFAYR for a 20% discount.

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