January might be a bumpy month, and that’s okay

January might be a bumpy month, and that’s okay I know for many, January can be a tough month. Not only does January have the ‘bluest day’ on record (the third Monday in the month), it has unofficially been dubbed … Read More

How to ease the grief of a breakup

What you’re feeling is grief — and how to overcome it Sadness, yearning, anger, guilt, forgetfulness, insomnia and even physical symptoms such as headaches, weakness in your muscles and a tightness in your chest — these are all known symptoms … Read More

Dividing a business in a divorce: when you don’t love your work(mate) anymore

There are many success stories of couples building iconic companies in harmony. But, it doesn’t always work out that way and, in the midst of a divorce or separation, owning a business together isn’t easy.  The good news? You’ve managed … Read More

Is it the COVID-effect? Should you or shouldn’t you separate?

At the start of COVID-19 restrictions, relationship experts predicted that lockdown would result in a surge of breakups — and they appear to have been right.  According to support service, Relationships Australia, who released a survey on the effect of … Read More

How to Navigate a Divorce with a Newborn

“That old eighties terminology of a ‘broken family’ is completely outdated. Friend, you have fixed your family by taking this step” It takes a special kind of courage to end a relationship that you know isn’t working when you’re pregnant … Read More

A conversation with Michael Daniels, Founder and CEO of FAYR

Sadly marriage and relationship breakdown is on the rise. Statistically in Australia one in three marriages ends in divorce and 47.1% of those marriage breakdowns involve children. These statistics don’t include unmarried couples whose relationships have broken down. It is … Read More

Divorce and Money

https://youtu.be/r3lchrpc6ss Let’s chat about money. Money is a big deal right? This one is close to my heart because when I separated from my husband I had no stable income, he was the main income earner and I was building … Read More

What really is Divorce?

Relationships are complex creatures, so it goes without saying that when they end, they can become even more complicated. Untangling relationships can be hard. Often when a relationship breaks down, the default terminology for married couples is that you are … Read More