On my most recent episode of The Divorce and Separation podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Cathrine Mahoney, host of ‘So, I Quit My Day Job’, co-host of ‘Not Another Parenting Podcast’ and her columns have appeared on News.com, 9Honey, WHIMN, Kidspot and Mamamia.

Cathrine’s newest book titled, ‘Currently Between Husbands’, is a humorous true story about surviving divorce, dating again, changing careers, and turning 40. 

I am all for candid conversations that don’t deny a little real-life humour. Yes, divorce is serious, and hard, and heart-breaking. Some days, I still process my own divorce and dissect the parts I did well, and of course, not so well (because, divorce is a #sh*tshow).

I hope you find the golden nuggets of vodka swilling truth bombs, as relatable as I did.

And, how daring to be excited about your post-divorce life, because beyond the heartache is the healing.  

You can’t fast forward to overcome divorce. Don’t judge how many times you cry, how much or how little you eat, the vodka you drink, and if you connect with an old flame in the haziness of a booze binge, don’t judge that either”, says Cathrine

When I first read Cathrine’s newest book, I laughed, cried, felt seen, cringed and fully identified with the rollercoaster of emotions that come with a divorce. Finally, there’s a book that says exactly how it is! 

Divorce can be a sh*t show, and whilst that maybe a little forward for some, it’s the truth.  

When Cathrine, my amazing podcast guest explained that she needed a ‘Bridget Jones Divorce-esque’ inspired book, I knew exactly what she meant. We need honesty, truth, the cringey moments explained and why divorce can also be something to feel excited about.

When Cathrine explained, “I turned to crystals and a myriad of things to help me heal. In fact, I still pop a Rose Quartz in my bra for good luck”, I knew I was in good company. For those who don’t know, a Rose Quartz is the woo-woo crystal for all things self-love. Get me some of that!

After a 13-year marriage with former rugby league player and TV commentator Andrew Johns, Cathrine divorced her husband in the public eye. Whilst far from easy, she realised that this ending was also a beginning of something new; reclaiming her identity, discovering dating again, daydreaming of a new life, and discovering a new and perfect bond with her son.

After the numbness, came feelings of liberation. But by no means was it easy.

Preparing for a breakup is like preparing for a rollercoaster with an ‘iffy belt’. You buckle in, inhale and hope for the best.

Most importantly, Cathrine explained, “You don’t know your arse from your elbow in the early stages. As a mum, I had to show up, and be a responsible parent. I cried between school drop-off’s and after bedtime. I cried on the days I attempted to co-parent with an ex. I cried at the idea of dating again. But one day, the crying lessened. It was lovely writing about falling in love, and this book reminded me of my love story”, said Cathrine. 

What I found the most impactful, was how Cathrine explained, that she is a solo-parent and not a single parent, because her son is loved just the same. After all, they had a child together

I encourage you to put this book in your checkout basket here, because it’s a hearty game-changer that anyone in the grips of divorce should read. 

Go gently, 


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