January might be a bumpy month, and that’s okay

January might be a bumpy month, and that’s okay I know for many, January can be a tough month. Not only does January have the ‘bluest day’ on record (the third Monday in the month), it has unofficially been dubbed … Read More

Is it the COVID-effect? Should you or shouldn’t you separate?

At the start of COVID-19 restrictions, relationship experts predicted that lockdown would result in a surge of breakups — and they appear to have been right.  According to support service, Relationships Australia, who released a survey on the effect of … Read More

How to Navigate a Divorce with a Newborn

“That old eighties terminology of a ‘broken family’ is completely outdated. Friend, you have fixed your family by taking this step” It takes a special kind of courage to end a relationship that you know isn’t working when you’re pregnant … Read More

“Don’t bat every ball” – Communicating with your ex

Learning how to communicate with your ex can be challenging. For the most part there is still so much emotion involved. Chances are you are both feeling hurt, sad, angry – the list goes on right? When you separate the … Read More

Divorce and Money

https://youtu.be/r3lchrpc6ss Let’s chat about money. Money is a big deal right? This one is close to my heart because when I separated from my husband I had no stable income, he was the main income earner and I was building … Read More

Through the Eyes of a Child | 7 things not to be afraid to say to your parents

  Today I am welcoming Maison Levot as a guest contributor. Maison a midwifery and nursing student, has put together tips for you and your children when going through separation. Maison has experienced separation early in her childhood and again … Read More

Children and Separation

No child wants their parents to separate. They want the fairytale where families live happily ever after, and why shouldn’t they? When you tell your children that you are separating it often comes as a surprise, even when things aren’t … Read More

S ..

Let’s talk about sex baby (sorry kids look away) … Oh yes you will have sex again, your nether regions are not ready for closure just yet. Ladies this one is aimed at you (sorry to the men, don’t worry … Read More

How to tell your children you are separating

Not many people love “hard conversations” … at some stage in our lives though I’m sure we’ve all been there, am I right? “It’s not you, it’s me” “Sorry we’re restructuring” Yadda yadda … Telling your children that you and … Read More